By being vertically integrated and owning all steps of the pharmaceutical development and production process, Accord can bring high quality medicines to patients faster, more economically and with greater efficiency than our rivals.

Accord has one of the most dynamic product pipelines in the pharmaceutical industry. Already we boast a portfolio of over 130 molecules across multiple therapeutic classes. We are committed to building up this number to compete with the largest product ranges in the sector.  In Australia, Accord’s portfolio is principally concentrated on the areas of Oncology and Critical Care. Accord will continue to add products locally to complement and broaden its offering to our Australian customers.

Our Products

Pharmashield® is a system consisting of a plastic sheath around the vial, going from the reinforced non-PVC base to the vial seal.

  • Protects from breakage and spillage
  • Protects from external vial contamination
  • Protects essential product label information
  • Latex-free protects users with sensitivity
  • Reinforced non-PVC base: provides greater stability during manipulation with further reduced risk of breakage if vial dropped
  • No risk of sharp edges that could potentially damage user
  • Minimises potential disruption to crimp as flip-off cap is removed
  • Easy removal of flip-off cap

* Pharmashield® may not be available on some products.

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